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We have about a hundred fireplaces available for sale, in stone or wood, of different periods, models, dimensions, styles and colours.

We propose very different models, as far as their dimensions , style, and colour are concerned

They range from great rustic fireplaces suitable for a castle or a beautiful old barn castle, to the more sophisticated urban décor. You will find at Rambuteau Renoud Grappin The fireplace around which to gather your family and friends.


Fireplaces accessories

For the interior of the fireplace we can also deliver bricks , terracotta tiles and stone to constitute the inner part of the fireplace.


Plates fireplaces

Protection of the backwall by an iron plaque is recommended ;this will also reflect the heat back into the room ; you will find at Rambuteau Renoud Grappin plaques of all dimensions, styles, designs, and also firedogs.